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In 2011, Mayor Bloomberg signed a local law encouraging community-based organizations (CBOs) to purchase locally grown foods, so those they serve can benefit from healthy, fresh, and delicious food that is sustainably produced and transported. As part of the Buy Local effort, vendors will be asked to provide the their contracting agency with information regarding their foods’ origin, while the Mayor’s Office of Contracts Services will publish an annual report detailing the amount and type of locally grown food purchased. The City also recommends that agencies and their vendors consider sustainability criteria when purchasing foods including featuring local, seasonal foods. The City Agency Food Standards are available at

To support CBO compliance with the Buy Local program, Essensa is working closely with the Mayor’s Office and US Foods to create a portfolio of locally grown and produced foods—at a discount. To find local products, contact your Essensa Representative today by calling (866) 430-5330 or email


In addition to locally sourced products, Essensa, in partnership with US Foods and Premier, offers one of the most comprehensive food programs of any GPO. With more than $3 billion in purchasing power, Essensa receive huge discounts on food and food service products & supplies. Although food prices can fluctuate seasonally, Essensa members are protected by price inflation caps, resulting in more stable and predictable pricing—and easier budgeting for your CBO. For more information on some of our products, contact your Essensa Representative or use Essensa’s Vendor Search.


Essensa’s mission is to lower your cost of doing business. To find the best discounts, Essensa contracts with many suppliers and distributors—including many incorporated or headquartered right here in New York State.

For more information on the Buy Local Initiative, please contact:

Capacity Building and Oversight
Mayor’s Office of Contract Services