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“No Reservations About Savings”

Essensa is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that delivers procurement solutions and supply chain efficiencies to members nationwide. Watch a replay of our complimentary webinar to learn how we deliver essential value.

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Hospitality leaders face the challenge of providing high-quality guest experiences in a very competitive market. Traditionally, quality has come at a premium. Essensa delivers contracted savings on some of the nation’s most reputable brands.

About Us
Our Contracts
Member Savings

About Us

Essensa is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that delivers procurement solutions and supply chain efficiencies to members nationwide. Essensa is affiliated with Premier, the nation’s largest healthcare GPO. We provide members access to the most competitive and extensive contact portfolio available through this partnership. In addition to our purchasing portfolio, we offer value-added services, including an Employee Discount Program (that lets you offer discounts to your employees at no cost to you) and exceptional customer service and support staff. That's why Essensa is the clear choice for making a real impact on your expenses.

There are no fees or purchasing requirements to enroll in our group purchasing program.

Our Purchasing Portfolio

Essensa’s purchasing portfolio spans a large array of contract categories. Here are some of the categories that are of particular interest to hospitality groups.

  • Advertising Services
  • Air Filtration Products
  • Background Check Services
  • Car Rental Services
  • Credit Card Services
  • Direct Sale/Rental of Non-Medical Uniforms and Mats
  • Electronic Reference Checks
  • Elevator, Escalator, Vertical Transport, and Dumbwaiter Equipment and Service
  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Enterprise Image Management Solutions
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Floor Care Equipment, Products, and Services
  • Housekeeping Products
  • HVAC Equipment, Controls, and Services
  • Laundry Products and Services
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations
  • Moving Services
  • Office Supplies
  • Paint and Related Sundries
  • Paper and Janitorial Supply Distribution
  • Paper Towels and Tissue
  • Parking Management, Equipment, and Services
  • Payroll Services
  • PC Hardware and Software Resellers
  • Pest Elimination Services
  • Printers, Copiers, Facsimiles, and Facilities Management
  • RFID Asset Tracking and Management Solutions
  • Stainless Steel Carts and Equipment
  • Waste Management Products and Services
  • Water Treatment Products, Systems, and Services
  • Yellow Pages Advertising

Membership Pays

The proof is in the numbers. Here are some typical member experiences.

The Biltmore Estate
Asheville, NC

“We chose Essensa because they did not take a cookie cutter approach. Unlike other group purchasing organizations we explored, Essensa provided us with the flexibility necessary to sustain our varied business operations.”

- Laura Carideo
Food and Beverage Purchasing, The Biltmore Estate

Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn
Rapid City, South Dakota

“We consider Essensa to be a strategic partner. Having never worked with a GPO previously, Essensa’s comprehensive product offerings, deep industry experience, and feet-on-the-ground approach made them a logical choice. This year alone we have seen over $75,000 in savings in food purchasing and feel confident that number will only increase as we continue to contract through Essensa’s vendors.”

- Marci Reuter
Assistant General Manager, Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn

Canyon Ranch
Locations in Tucson, Arizona; Lenox, Massachusetts; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Miami Beach, Florida

“Due to our strict nutrition philosophy as a world-class health and wellness resort, our food and beverage purchasing is often limited….Essensa’s broad portfolio of contracts has provided us with numerous options, with no purchasing minimum, and has also upheld our brand standards and identity. Due to our relationship with Essensa, we have seen on average a 15% reduction in our costs, with some contracts resulting in savings as high as 35%.

- Scott Wraith
Corporate Director of Purchasing, Canyon Ranch

Contact our hospitality team to learn more and enroll.