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commitment to ethics

Essensa is a membership-driven organization that continually adapts and changes to meet the needs of our members. From our purchasing portfolio to our value-added programs and services, Essensa continues to be the fastest growing GPO in the non-acute care marketplace because of our ability to improve the financial viability and growth in services of our members.

Essensa is one of only two non-acute care GPOs that follow the requirements of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII). At its founding, the Initiative established six core principles of ethics and business conduct and closely monitors actual practices to assure commitment to those Principles. The Principles require each participant (Essensa) to:

  1. Have and adhere to a written code of business conduct. The code establishes the high ethical values expected for all within the organization
  2. Train all within the organization as to their personal responsibilities under the code
  3. Work toward the twin goals of high quality healthcare and cost effectiveness
  4. Work toward an open and competitive purchasing process free of conflicts of interest and any undue influences
  5. Have the responsibility to each other to share their best practices in implementing the Principles; each Signatory shall participate in an annual Best Practices Forum
  6. Be accountable to the public